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Fee Structure

The Following Fees are incurred by Traders while trading Crypto Futures.

Deposit Fees

There are 0 Fees when a Trader Deposits Funds in INR Wallet.

Trading Fees

  1. Maker Fee: 0%
  2. Taker Fee: 0.015%
  3. Funding Fees:
    The funding fee is exchanged at every fixed interval between buyers and sellers of the contract based on the difference between the spot price and the futures contract price to balance the price difference between the spot and the future.
  4. Liquidation:
    The Trader will be charged two different types of fees: (i) TakerFee (ii) Insurance clearance fee (depending upon the fees decided by Liquidity provider). It may be a combination of two or only one of the above depending on the conditions of the liquidity provider.

Withdrawal Fees (USDT to INR Conversion)

Conversion Method:
The User can convert his USDT into INR by clicking on the Convert to INR option in his USDT Wallet and the conversion will be based on USDT-INR Rate, the value of which is market dependent.

1% TDS(based on the clauses of IT Act 1961 and applicable rules)

Insurance Clearance Fees

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